Maia Rowan is a 18-year-old singer-songwriter and producer who makes lyric-focused, jazzy pop-rock songs that draw on her personal experiences. Her writing is often shockingly personal; there’s nothing she’s afraid to explore. She recently graduated from high school at Interlochen Arts Academy and will be majoring in Songwriting and Performance at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in the fall.


In early 2021, at the age of 16, she released her debut EP, Fantasy (available here) and she’s swiftly working to follow it up with an album. This upcoming concept album, called Remote Avalanche Machine is a deeply personal and highly detailed exploration of her mom’s recent battle with cancer that weaves in themes of escapism, friendship, and healing. The songs are often dark and shockingly vulnerable, showing off her writing talent and eye for detail. Like her recent EP, it will be self-written and self-produced. It’s a continuation of her piano-based, rock and jazz influenced sound, however it’s fleshed out by a full band made up of Interlochen musicians and her backing band that she formed in the months between the release of Fantasy and the start of this record. The album also explores more electronic sounds, showing off Maia's exploration of synths and samplers and her production prowess that has been honed between the two records. She hopes to release Remote Avalanche Machine sometime next year.

Maia Rowan Singing.JPG